Reliable Auto Insurance in Henderson Nevada

So the other night I am down roping on one of my horses and my cell phones starts ringing so I answer it. As it turns out a lady was buying a new car and Dealership that she was at was about to close and she didn’t have any car insurance, on any car, period! One of the sales people happens to have my cell phone number so he gives it to the lady buying the new car and she gives me a call for help. This poor lady explained that she had just paid over $20000 cash for her new car, she was tired and needed insurance so she could get home.

I asked what type of coverage she wanted and she said liability and uninsured motorist because that’s what she was told she needed. I explained that she wouldn’t have any coverage for her new $20000 vehicle and that if she was involved in any type of accident she could lose everything that she had just paid for. She in turn stated that the sales person informed her that the uninsured motorists coverage would cover her new vehicle, wrong! The moral to this story, check with an insurance professional before leaving the lot it might be your only chance to protect yourself. Get it right the first time, call a 24hr insurance service agency like High Desert Insurance.

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