Are you tired of your auto insurance rate going up every six months and every time you call your agent they tell you it’s due to all of the accidents and claims paid out? You try and explain that you haven’t had any accident or claims paid out so why is your rate impacted, then you hear the dreaded phrase “it’s the cost of doing business”. Well, if this sounds like what you have experienced and heard it’s time to do something about it. Some insurance companies offer annual auto insurance rates and if you qualify you have the possibility of locking your rate in for 12 months as opposed to every 6 months. Here at High Desert Insurance on Horizon Dr. in Henderson Nevada we offer yearly rates for those interested in locking in a lower rate over the course of a year. Give our 24 hour agency the opportunity to earn your business and save you money at the same time. Let one of our licensed agents do the shopping for you. Stop by High Desert Insurance at 140 E Horizon Dr. Suite A in Henderson Nevada or give us a call at 702-558-8587.

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