About Us

The Bo Hash Insurance Agency was opened in 2000 after retiring from Allstate Insurance Company. It was after careful consideration and many years of having to turn potential customers away that we came to realize that in order for us to provide great customer service to you and to continually change to meet your needs we needed more than just one insurance carrier. It is our understanding that you may have several different types of insurance needs and there is no one carrier that can meet all of those important needs. So, it is because of this need that we chose to open The Bo Hash Insurance Agency.

We no longer have to refer you to someone else when one carrier doesn’t have a market for you, by having numerous appointments with a multiple of carriers we can check all of the available companies to see which ones are the best fit for you and all of your insurance needs. Think of all the time and gas you will save by having a one stop shop!

Please give our agency the opportunity to show you why The Bo Hash Insurance Agency still exists today when so many agencies are closing their doors. You deserve to get the best possible coverage and service for your dollar and that is what we always try to provide and it’s done 7 days a week.

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